The latest science of quantum physics tells us that everything is energy, all resonating at differing frequencies. Disease comes from imbalances in this subtle energy field created and made manifest through our thoughts. By changing the thoughts that created the unwanted patterns, the symptoms of those thoughts can also be eliminated. It is possible to begin to consciously create the life we desire by actively observing our thoughts and changing self-defeating patterns into life affirming ones.

Through my own journey of self-healing, I have studied and been attuned to powerful healing technologies which enable me to assist others in their healing process. Recipients of this healing light and information often report profound positive shifts in well-being after the session which continue to unfold for weeks afterward.

I currently offer energy healing sessions using Reiki, Reconnective Healing, PSYCH-K and Matrix Energetics. I can also offer Massage Therapy, hot stone, deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, Cupping, Gua Sha, bodywork, reflexology, counseling and talk therapy based on the teachings of A Course in Miracles. Meditation is one of the most important elements of a healthy, well-balanced life and I can offer many tools and techniques to help you begin or deepen you meditation practice.

I believe that each person is their own healer and that ultimately all healing is of the mind. Only you can heal yourself, I will offer you the tools to empower yourself to heal from within.

Pricing is $95 for a 60 minute session, $130 for a 90 minute session and $165 for a 120 minute session. Please allow an additional half hour when scheduling to allow for setup before and after your treatment.

I see clients in the familiar setting of their homes and conduct sessions while they relax on a comfortable, heated massage table and receive bodywork or energy healing. I also offer these healing therapies at H20asis Float Center & Teahouse if you would like to enjoy Tea, Oxygen, ReVibe Chair or Floatation Therapy with your session. 


Clients include adults, children, pets and even properties. Distance sessions are available by phone and video sessions can be done through Zoom or FaceTime if unable to meet in person.

To schedule a private session, you can call me at 918-606-2101 or email [email protected].

I look forward to connecting with you at the perfect time, be well.

What clients are saying:

"John was Great. Very thorough and informative. I enjoyed it immensely." - Arla H.

"He was amazing!" - Heather H.

"The massages were so very awesome. I  had the pleasure of having John as my practitioner he was very respectful and helpful guiding me through the massage as it was my first ever. Chefs kiss sir. I will definitely pick him and refer him to everyone I share my experience with." - Orlandrea K.

"John was great. He listened to my concerns and adjusted pressure when needed. He had some great techniques to help me relax. Felt like I was in a trance by the end." Jessica M.

"As genuine and kind as ever" - Randy W.

"John was very knowledgeable and skilled in massage therapy. One of the best massages I have had in a long time." - Michelle G.

"John is a talented massage therapist." - Donna B.

"It was an amazing experience. He made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I would recommend him to everyone." - Breana L.

"It was an amazing experience 👏👏" - Desnise A.

"Best massage I have had in a long time." - Karla E.

"John was amazing as usual." Reese H.

"Always fantastic, skilled and attentive." - Heather P.

"Attentive, went the extra mile for my comfort" - Christy H.

"He did a great job!!!" - Lana R.

"I appreciate him guiding me through everything." - Caitlin R.

"Will definitely refer him to others and  will schedule with him in the future." - Lynda M.

"John listened and took into account when I informed him regarding pressure preferences and medical history and how that could interfere with certain parts of the massage therapy process. Got a lot of knots out of my back and neck." - Josh B.

"Deep tissue had excellent pressure" - Tina S.

 "This was first massage. I'm super happy with my experience! " - Autumn B.

"He was very nice and personable and made me feel comfortable and at ease." - Marie S.

"Very skilled with a warm personality. I was very pleased." - Ken R.

"He was amazing! Especially whatever he did to my rigid big toe after my 5k race!" - Janet P.

"He was great!" - Tonia P.

"John was amazing! Very professional. Made me feel comfortable for my first massage ever. Great job! You’re very appreciated!" - Hannah M.

"John was very knowledgeable and asked many questions about my preferences.  He even assisted the other massage therapist in the room with some eucalyptus oil for my fiance to help open up her nose during her massage since she has some sinus problems when lying down.  Very kind of him to care!" - Kevin M.

"Absolutely incredible. John was very professional and was focused on helping me get the most out of my massage. 5 stars!!!" - Natasha N.

"He was attentive and helped my neck pain so much.  Fantastic from start to finish!" - Heather P.

" Loved the massage! Very good therapist!" - Melissa P.

"John was respectful and very effective." Shelly N.

"John was fantastic. He asked about areas that he needed to focus on and asked me about pressure and preferences throughout the massage. He was absolutely phenomenal, and I plan to schedule again with him!" - Cole M.

"He's amazing!  Very professional, yet friendly with a soothing presence.  I was very comfortable." - Kimberlee T.

"John was great and worked out some sore spots" - Jack C.

"He did a great job!" - Jamie B.

"John was a wonderful practitioner would definitely make another appointment!" - Johnathan H.

"He was phenomenal." - Whitney S.

"John was thoughtful and very involved with his healing practice." - Randy  W.

"He was awesome! He makes sure you are comfortable throughout the entire massage." - April S.

"I really enjoyed how John included spiritual aspects to my massage. It made me feel like it was a much more holistic and healing massage than ones I've previously received!" - Christopher A.

"It was the best massage I’ve ever had" - Leslie P.

"I liked him.  I would recommend him to others." Julie H.

"John is fantastic, He made me feel very comfortable." - Ashley O.

"John is a true healer." - Patti P.

"Very professional and courteous, kept checking to make sure everything was alright, great hands" - Sherry H.

"John was caring and explained everything to be done" David M.

"John was seriously one of the best massage therapists I've ever had. I will definitely be back." - Meagan F.

"Great technique! John provided a relaxing and comfortable massage experience while also effectively working on some long term issues." - Mary V.

"John did an excellent job." Dom S.