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The latest science of quantum physics tells us that everything is energy, all resonating at differing frequencies. Disease comes from imbalances in this subtle energy field created and made manifest through our thoughts. By changing the thoughts that created the unwanted patterns, the symptoms of those thoughts can also be eliminated. It is possible to begin to consciously create the life we desire by actively observing our thoughts and changing self-defeating patterns into life affirming ones.

Through my own journey of self-healing, I have studied and been attuned to powerful healing technologies which enable me to assist others in their healing process. Recipients of this healing light and information often report profound positive shifts in well-being after the session and transformation for several weeks afterward.  

I currently offer energy healing sessions using Reiki, Reconnective Healing, PSYCH-K and Matrix Energetics. I can also offer massage, reflexology, counseling and talk therapy based on the teachings of A Course in Miracles. Meditation is one of the most important elements of a healthy, well-balanced life and I can offer many tools and techniques to help you begin or deepen you meditation practice.

I believe that each person is their own healer and that ultimately all healing is of the mind. Only you can heal yourself, I will give you the tools to empower yourself and heal yourself from within.

First-time sessions are generally ninety minutes and follow-up sessions are typically one hour with additional time available upon request.

The current fee for an established client is $75 for a one hour session and $99 for ninety minutes. Additional time may be available at the rate of $25 per half hour.

I see clients in the familiar setting of their homes and conduct sessions while they relax and receive the subtle healing energies. Clients include adults, children, pets and even properties. Distance sessions are available by phone and video sessions can be done through Skype if unable to meet in person.

To schedule a private session, you can reach me at 918-606-2101 or contact me by email at:

I look forward to connecting with you at the perfect time, be well.